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Solar Panel Cleaning:

Multi Mega Watt (MW) solar farms clearly require significant amounts of water for cleaning while often being a significant distance from a convenient clean water source.

Cleaning solar panels in a farm environment can be water intensive as methods that use as few chemicals as possible or benign cleaning solutions need to be considered, the run off going directly onto the field, often promoted as a natural habitat or for sheep farming.

We can provide bulk water delivered and possibly stored at your convenience throughout the South of England and Wales.

Why clean and not rely on the rain?

Solar panels are at their peak productivity during the May to August period when of course we expect sun rather than rain. Any rain might not be sufficient to wash away any accumulated dust and other crud. A mid summer clean can increase solar gain.

While any increase in efficiency of a clean solar panel over a dirty one might be regarded as marginal, a 10% loss in solar gain over an extended period is a clear hit when it comes to looking at an optimum return on investment.

How frequently should solar panels be cleaned?

This has to be down to considerations of the location, local environment, recent weather, angle of the panels and simple observation - are they dirty? A thin film of light and reflective dust on the solar panel will of course say far more about the need to clean than any study.

You might consider how many times you clean your car windscreen during the summer. This is often at a similar angle to the angle of the solar panels, even a small amount of accumulated grime can impair visibility.

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We are now able to provide 30,000 litre tanker deliveries where you have water storage for the tanker to off load into.

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