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Bulk Water Supply for Peak Demand Water Shortage

Peak Demand Water Supply

In certain cases demand for water can vary throughout the year leading to particular instances of peak water demand that outstrips the ability of the water mains to supply water at a realistic pressure and volume in certain areas!

Instances of this can be seen in:

Holiday Camps: In particular where there is a series of camps being supplied from a singles mains. In the peak period, while the 1st camp might have good volume and pressure, the camp furthest from the mains could see a significant shortage. If this is a regular occurance, our pipework and water audit experts can provide a permanent solution.

Caravan Parks, during the summer when seasonal high occupancy results in higher than normal demand, multiple small bore supply pipes, with many taps all being turned on at the same time can lead to a local water supply shortage.

Farms:In particular at crucial stages in the growing process there might be need for extra water beyond what the mains can deliver. Though it might be inappropriate to deliver for field watering, lorry supply to greenhouses where additional water to a set standard can be a realistic option with an identifiable cost and business benefit.

Concerts and Festivals: Being staged on farmland or anywhere away from a mains supply that has been installed to take into account the extra demand can benefit from tankered water. This often involves the positioning of static water tanks with taps which are routinely filled from water bowsers.

Emergency water mains work: This can lead to a mains water switch off that can leave customers without water and relying on water bowsers.

In the case of work places, relying on a water bowser might not be sufficient and an alternative water supply either delivering to existing water tanks and or through a static supply might be vital in order to maintain production and satisfy health and safety requirements.

Along with the provision of emergency water supplies, Waterlink can also provide advice on water buffering, local private water supply tanks that are maintained by the local mains but ensure your water supply continues should the local mains suffer high demand leading to periods of low pressure.

Our engineers would take into account water health and safety, in particular the risk of legionella and other pathogens in stored water.

Bulk water delivery - Spring Water - Water tankering,
Water bowser delivery - direct to you
Water Tanker / Water Bowser - Supply and Delivery

These services can be planned as regular deliveries or ordered on an ad-hoc or one off basis.

See our recent case study on delivering water to the Olympic Village

We can provide water tanker services to supply water for:

    • Construction
    • Testing of pipelines and tanks
    • Drinks manufacturing and bottling
    • Swimming pool filling
    • Outside events
    • Dust suppression

The tankers that are used for potable supply are cleaned and disinfected in accordance with industry hygiene standards, and are fitted with air filters to ensure the water is delivered safely and to drinking water quality standards.

Many of our customers have specific requirements which we can meet, for instance supplying unchlorinated or untreated clean water.

We can deliver in a range of rigid-body or trailer sizes from 10,000litres up to 30,000 litres, normally at short notice.

We are also able to provide 1,000 and 2,000 litre bowsers and a range of refill and onsite hire options.

Water can be supplied from boreholes which abstract from the chalk or greensand aquifers, high quality natural sources of spring water.

Alternative supplies of softwater or mains treated water can also be delivered.


bulk water tanker

Bulk water delivery

Bulk spring water delivery

Water tankering

Tankered water

Water bowser delivery

Dust Suppression



Direct delivery to you. We are now able to provide 30,000 litre tanker deliveries where you have water storage for the tanker to off load into.

Contact us direct on 0345 345 1725 to discuss you requirements.


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