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Static Water Tank 5000 litres

Bulk Water - Local Drinking Water Storage

IBC Intermediate Bulk Carrier


  • 5,000 litre onsite water container
  • Top fill, bottom outlet


  • Chargeable by the week
  • Delivery and collection charge depending on location

If water is to be used for drinking purposes it is usual that the tank would be drained down and replenished every 48 hours in accordance with Regulation 6)3) of the water supply. Having a storage capacity more suited to the amount of people on site/daily demand can reduce the amount of wasted water when having to abide by Regulation 6(3). This helps to keep in line with your environmental policy.

Unlike the smaller variety of tanks, these have only 1 x 2” outlet which is used to connect to pumps and subsequently tap stands, welfare units, catering units etc. Please advise if there is something specific that you would like them connected to so that we can provide the right connections to enable this.water tank outlet

Ideal for:

  • Festivals and outdoor events
  • Connection to welfare facilities
  • Construction sites and sites that require temporary water supply
  • This tank can also be fitted with a ball valve and connected to a mains supply on site

Up to 5 x 5,000 litre static tanks can be delivered using our rigid vehicle and drawbar trailer.

Other water tank sizes are availabe. The image below shows a temporary water supply installed for offices during the re-development of the Olympic site. The tanks being routinely filled with fresh drinking water according to requirements.

Our water delivery lorries satisfy all requirements and can deliver within the London Emmissions Zone

water site storage


bulk water tanker


Bulk water delivery - Bulk spring water delivery -Water bowser delivery - tankered water - direct delivery to you

We are now able to provide 30,000 litre tanker deliveries where you have water storage for the tanker to off load into.


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1100 litres static drinking water tank

1800 litres static drinking water tank

5000 litres static drinking water tank

bowser 1000 litre towed

2000 litre water bowser

water bowser

lorry water tanker

articulated lorry water tanker


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